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We are a chiropractic clinic interested in Natural Health. Most patients consult our office because they have an ache or a pain. Their goal? Relief. That’s our first objective. 
A thorough examination, nerve analysis, and any needed x-rays will help reveal areas of spinal dysfunction. Then, we offer a care plan designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Visits are frequent during this period of intensive care. Each visit builds on the ones before, so keep your appointments to get the best results.
When you’re feeling better, you’ll have a decision to make. Will you continue with the care necessary to fully heal soft tissues? Or abandon the investment that you’ve made so far?
When you continue your care, visits are less frequent and progress will be less dramatic. If you end your care before fully healing muscles and soft tissues, you can invite a relapse.
Whatever your choice, we’re here to serve and help support you in you decision.
James M. Jones & Team

WelcomeYour First VisitWhat Are Subluxations?Why Chiropractic?Who is Chiropractic For?Chiropractic PhilosophyOur VisionPreferred ProviderHealth AppraisalNew Patient FormsDr. Jones & FamilyContact Us